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  • WWMM monitors any kind of data and empower various devices with intuitive and smart features

    WWMM collects data from devices and provides an easy way to view and interpret them. Users can create rules filter and process data so they can view only data that matter most. It enables automated data collection, processing and display over the web.

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  • WWMM offers ways to monitor CPU, Memory and Disk usage of servers.

    Using energy information provided by utility meters and energy monitoring devices, WWMM enables users to view your homes energy consumption from anywhere online. Interactive visualizations such as graphs, gauges, etc. make it easy to understand the data being represented.

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  • WWMM has teamed up with BroadLearning Technology to provide eClass and eLearning solutions for educational institutions.

    BroadLearning has been committed to designing and developing eLearning platforms and solutions, aiming at promoting the effective application of technology in the field of education. EClass, with its pioneering technology, provides comprehensive eLearning solutions for education institutions.

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  • With data visualization features, Jones Lang Lasalle site can display graphs that track and interpret trends in usage, consumption, compare values and more.

    WWMM enables an organization to monitor produced and consumed resources. Jones Lang Lasalle site monitors and displays electricity, water, gas, chilled water consumption and many more.

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